Site-30 (Reality)Edit

On the reality side, the proper history behind Site-30 is very different to what one may think. Only a brief history is shown in what I have uploaded; the main hub, residential, the tower, even the containment chambers. The current version that I have been uploading screens from is on the Xbox 360 version. The original, which began on the PC version, was a lot different from the current version. I felt like writing this because there is more of a history behind Site-30 than just ‘Torchwood this, Torchwood that,’ the real history behind Site-30 lies within the GRU (in literal sense).

The origin of Site-30 began oddly enough on a holiday in Queensland whilst making faux Dogtags on a sideshow attraction (odd way to start I know) but that was the origin of the name, the actual Site-30 was originally name simply, ‘The Hub’ and was located within a revived Chimeran tower covered under a snowstorm in desolate eastern Siberia. The Hubs design was majorly different to what Site-30 was but the designs for only few landmarks where reintroduced into the new version. Whilst Site-30 boasts many new features that I never considered for The Hub, The Hub itself had many features that I forgot about such as a miniature biome, a separated Medlab, a shipyard and even a shooting range. I forgot to mention earlier that there was a hanger on The Hub but served for aircraft that required a runway which was originally for Archangel but after remaking Hanger 1 in Site-30 it went from aircraft to VTOL and helicopter purposes.

Site-30 itself began sometime in August beginning with looking for a server of full winter to recreate The Hub. After typing in a server code WINTER, the world itself was supposedly full winter at the spawn but went onto a large plane near a river. After 10 minutes of glaring at one specific spot, I began building the new tower for The Hub v2. It was around this time that I majorly got into the SCP series which was also how The Hub also came to be. After creating the dome and the tower, I began with the new interior which, out of random, became partially based off of the Citadel from Half Life 2. After this, the new hub and residential chambers where completed. Since Site-30 at its time was planned to be a SCP Containment Site (which it still is), I created 173s chamber close-to exact to that of the game, as with the exterior to and containment chamber to SCP-682 and 106s chamber. Past these chambers though, leads to Hanger 1.

After playing A LOT more and multiple versions of SCP: CB as well as some Resistance, I began to expand on detail, and size, of Site-30. One detail I began with was Gate A which I actually just randomly built without thinking. Within, beginning with Chamber 079 and moving into Chambers 372, 895 and 096. I also began building the Service Tunnel and I know at the back of my mind that Site-30 was going to be something more than just a tower in a snowstorm.

After more expansion, I remembered something that I made in The Hub, Something linking to ‘We don’t go to Ravenholm’ in HL2 which was a secret containment chamber. Throughout the Torchwood series (which I never wrote due to series changes) many of the characters where frequently confused about the unmarked cell, until Tahlia (who was present during the version of Torchwood) opened the cell and discovered its contents. The content at the time, and this, is ‘SCP-2000’ or the famous Slenderman. Though the secret cell is less concealed in Site-30 than in The Hub it still bears its secrecy amongst Torchwood.

After more expansion it was about November when (incoming) I began watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Warned you). After watching episodes 1 and 2 of season 2, I further researched the Antagonist; Discord. After a few days I wrote the document and made the chamber in Site-30. (Random note, Discord is based on and voiced by Q from Star Trek). After more and more of Site-30 came to be including Hanger 2, an underground mining site, Gate B and a runway, improvement of Gate A, a US base to the south, power conduits, improved central hub and relocation of 173 and 106s chambers, Site-30 was complete.

Unfortunately though after the release of SCP:CB v0.7.0 my mental deficiency began telling me to give the site more detail. After much though I made a new server from the code (which for some stupid reason gave me an ocean where the site was meant to be) and began rebuilding Site-30. Now the site is much more detailed and is much more spacious meaning that an SCP cell won't end up underneath my bedroom. At current the site is still under construction with the primary objective being the construction of the SCP chambers.

Updates to Site-30 will appear hereEdit

-Site-30 established
-Added tower, hub, residential, Hanger 1
-Added Containment cells 173, 106, 682 & 914
-Added Cell 2000

-Post-SCP:CB 6.0 release, Gates A & B added
-Expanded facility
-Service tunnel added
-Added Containment cells 079, 096, 372, 895, 165, 559, 686, 791 and 087-C
-Added Ion Cannon
-Added lower tower
-Added server room

-Updated tower look giving a more 'Chimeric' feel
-Added power conduits
-Updated Gate A; added guard towers and H.I.D turrets
-Added Rift Generator
-Further facility expansion
-Removed SCP-087-C
-Added Containment cells 860, 965, 409, 457, 873, 019, 1013 and 2011
-Added orchid
-Added Hanger 2
-Added D-Class cells
-Updated SCP-2000 Containment Cell
-Gave parts of the Facility a closer look to SCP:CB

-Added SCP-200
-Updated SCP-096s Containment Cell to that closer to Foundation Special Containment Procedure
-Additional conduits
-Moved SCP-914 to within Hanger 1
-Added SCP-200

-Moved SCP-173 and 106s containment cells deeper inside the facility
-Added SCP-139
-Added various SCP lockers
-Redesigned both residential and main hubs
-Changed tower appearance to stone instead of iron block
-Added DNA Re-shaper
-Improved service tunnel

-Major structural improvement (detail wise)
-Added SCP-881 & 756
-Improved Gate B airfield
-Improved Hanger 1
-Added test arena

-Tower changing to Martian Command Center
-renovated much of the residential and central hub
-added defenses
-added Nero's lab
-changed hallways to containment into tube hallways

-SCP:CB v7.1 release: significant visual alterations to sections of the Site
-Added SCP-1897
-watchtower visuals changed
-added observatory
-walled airfield
-removed Ion Cannon
-improved Hanger 1
-added vehicle bays
-added 'ALPHA'

-New map
-complete site revision
-Added Metro

-renovated the interior

-added SAFE containment chambers
-colour-coded areas of the facility

-Blue (Office Complex)
-Purple (SAFE containment region)
-Red (KETER)

-upgraded logistics centre on the island's north (now has a staff entry point)
-minor visual upgrades (new texture pack for Minecraft)

-visual updates (due to new texture pack)
-added catacombs and containment chamber 682
-added small garden -upgraded Gate B -Hub updated -Sector G implemented -re-arranged central hub -added missile silo at Sector G