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Torchwood is a one-person Fan Fiction centered around a non-canon SCP Foundation Containment Task Force. Throughout the series, each character experiences hard, brutal, amazing, strange and sometimes wonderful encounters that take place.

Outside the adventerous side of the series, Torchwood's main directive is to contain the feared SCPs; items, artifacts, devices and creatures of sometimes unimaginable abilities and world-ending power. 

The series follows the characters as well as some other familiar faces from around the digital media; such as this [REDACTED] , and even Equestria's Princess Celestia.

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CIM Disclaimer(s): The events of these stories are based on multiple pieces of media and have been through many revisions.

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The SCP Foundation - Visit here to see how the series began 
Mods - Go here to see the SCP Containment Breach mods asscociated with Torchwood