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Tenenbaum Laboratories is a new-age (formed 2001) theretical scientific 'community' formed with the idea of bringing theoretical devices into the present world(s).


As mentioned above, Tenenbaum Laboratories aims to make theoretical science a modern reality. Such theoreticals include; linking alternate realities, molecular transfusion, reality alteration and weaponary. Tenenbaum was founded by [REDACTED] Tenenbaum, a former apretice to Dr. Malikov (who went on to form NEROTech). For the next 7 years Tenenbaum and his team consisting of some new bright minds developed many various devices, unfortunately only few worked. Luckily though after 2 years of T&E (Trial and Error) Tenenbaum's first successful device functioned, bringing [REDACTED] to earth as well as many other various objects. Tenenbaum became the 'William Bell' of the psuedo-scientific world.

In 2008 Tenenbaum was self terminated through unknown causes (hyposesised to be radiation poisoning through repeated exposure to [DATA EXPUNGED]). From 2009 onwards Tenenbaum's command was taken by Robert and Rosalind Lutece; two of Tenenbaum's pioneering students. Throughout this time till the present Robert and Rosalind have reshaped Tenenbaum with their own thoughts and ideas but still retaining Tenenbaum's original dream of a more scientifically oriented world.

While Tenenbaum is still a collective organisation, the staff are separate and work on various projects, unfortunately outside of the Tenenbaum dream. While the Luteces focus on the theoretical scietific side of the company, much of the staff focus on the development of advanced weaponary. Though the Luteces have shown minor displeasure towards the staffs attitude both Robert and Rosalind have agreed that them keeping the Tenenbaum dream alive is a good idea seeing how ALL of the staff are more 'weapon lovers' than 'science lovers.'


[REDACTED] Tenenbaum - Founder - Deceased

[DATA EXPUNGED] - Co-Founder - vanished 2004

Robert Lutece - Current Co-Owner - Active

Rosalind Lutece - Current Co-Owner - Active