The Sector G Test Labs cover biological and theoretical research and technologies. The complex consists of two major areas; the non-SCP biological specimens research laboratories and the Lambda Experimentation laboratories located on a lower level to the specimens research.



Biological Specimens Research LaboratoriesEdit

The BSRL consists of two large biodomes designed to emulate the ecology found on the borderworld Xen. Between the biodomes is the specimen cryogenics cells set up to freeze unwanted specimens when not needed within the biodomes. An aquatics holding cell is also present.

Lambda Experimentation LaboratoriesEdit

Loosely planned to resemble the original Lambda Complex at the Black Mesa Research Facility, the Lambda Ex. Labs contain the equipment necsessary to enter Xen(see Here) as well as creating a 2 node relay to other Xen relay teleporters (one other is known as of 2014). The residential bloc is specially adapted for the reseident science team.


Science TeamEdit

The resident science team in charge of maintenance, research and overall stability of Sector G consist of a team of 8 Vortigaunts

  • Uriah
Each subject has requested their names be known only to eachother

Uriah has shown to be the most 'intelligent' of the group and can be distinguished by the labcoat he is aways seen wearing. He has also shown to be the 'leader' of the group.

No individual in the group is allowed to exit Sector G unless allowed to.