Life Goes OnEdit

Under The Blood-Red SkyEdit

A New EraEdit

Japan trains their newest front-line special forces. With the help of Isaiah they are deployed to their first assignment in Prague.

Egg-Titan Rising - 1Edit

Doctor Eggman unleashes his newest and deadliest weapon; the EX-991 and unleases it in Prague.

Nightmare Rising - 2Edit

When the Xeno Telepath is absorbed into energy, a mysterious robot emerges from its remains, and GLaDOS is the first to react.

Again It HappensEdit

Babylon Rising - 1Edit

Grand Battle Kukku XV finally retrieves the Babylon Key from the Gigan Mountains and makes plans to deploy the Babylon Gardens. Thanks to an early warning by the Babylon Rouges, Max heads to New Mobotropolis to rally the local freedom fighters.

Age Of The Avian - 2Edit

Max confontrs Kukku about the relationships between their species' ancient past. Meanwhile, the Rouges gain access to the Garden.



Daedalus locates an underground complex holding multiple sub-species of Chimera.

Never AgainEdit



Dr. Malikov is (finally) arrested by the Zone Police for interacting and tampering with other realities. Their plan to hold him backfires, brutally.

Mirror, MirrorEdit