Shattered WorldEdit

Upon return to Site-30, Discord is imprisoned for the events that occured. MTF Omega-8 is sent to Equestria to take Tirek from Tartarous and return him to Site-30.

Places We Live - 1Edit

Adaptation - 2Edit

Plans made to backfire - 1Edit

Discord is released after SCP-682 breaches containment, leaving Fluttershy traumatised after the inccident. Site-30 enters a scheduled active period upon which Tirek escapes containment. Dr. Clef siezes this as an excuse to bring order to Torchwood.

It all falls apart - 2Edit

Discord confronts Tirek once again and takes his revenge. Clef is injured during the Sites cleanup that leaves him in a coma.

Corruption - 3Edit

Zalgo begins tormenting the girls and causes a containment breach in the process. After Edd, Max and Isaiah save them and recontain the escaped things turn to worse after Zalgo vanishes.

The Hunt - 4Edit

The FallEdit

The Legions flagship is hunted down by a joint military effort between the Foundation, Russian and Chinese.


The Legion is pushed back to it's final base known base and G.U.N knows it's location. Torchwood and the Foundation offer every piece of equipment in their arsenal and even SCP-682 to bring them down. The game ends here.


GLaDOS gives a testomony to her view of the world and wonders where she and the rest of the Foundation is going.

  • Told in GLaDOS' point of view