A typical teenage boy finds a dragon in his house. Soon after an entire MTF is discussing plans for a girl he knows.

Another LifeEdit

The beginning of the Torchwood series: Wesley gives Isaiah and orientation on his new employment as well as getting him familiar with the world he's in. What the new brilliance of this world offers is beautiful locations, great new faces but above all zepplins.

History of the WorldEdit

After Malikov experiments with treatment for Isaiah's autism, he unitentionally links him to SCP: 1897. After a minor interaction 1897 proceeds to give Isaiah a brief history of his involvement with the rest of the original invasion.

  • Only focuses on 2 characters


When a young couple are found drained of their organic energy, the culprate is discovered to be a creature feared within folklore found around the planet: Zalgo.

Interloper - 1Edit

Wesley, Nero and Isaiah visit the ruins of Black Mesa to retrieve valuable equipment, an accidental activation of the Lambda Core sends Isaiah to the Borderworld.

Echoes of Aperture - 2Edit

GLaDOS retrieves Isaiah from Xen but the teleportation fails causing Isaiah to end up in th Enrichment Centre. But the location isn't the worst part of this incident. GLaDOS reveals Isaiah her true body in the lower part of the facility

Escalation - 3Edit

After the recent run-in at the Enrichment Centre, the Foundation and Torchwood hightens security after a containment site is joint raided by both the Chaos Insurgency and the Dark Legion.


Nero's Rift Generator accidentally links to a parallel universe consisting of an Earth identical to theirs. Only problem is the parallel Earth is evil. Torchwood meets their anti-selves and learn what true evil is.

Broken ChristmasEdit

It's December on Site-30, and Christmas is the last thing that happens on Site-30, especially when a full site lockdown is innitiated.