Xeno-Telepathic Walker


:NOTE: All information regarding subject has been classified from remnants of Martian documents regarding. Most information has been either lost or deleted by SCP-1897. This page also contains subjects 'SCP Document'

Subject information (translation)Edit

[UNKNOWN] the device to use [UNKNOWN] brainwaves against the human forces. [UNKNOWN]. [UNKNOWN] must not allow the device to [REDACTED] host.


[DATA LOST]. [UNKNOWN] the Xeno Telepath.

SCP DocumentationEdit

Item#: 2001-XT


Special Containment ProceduresEdit



SCP-2001-XT is a parasetic machine created by the Martian second invasion force designed to harness Martian brainwaves and weaponize them in the battlefield. Through unconfirmed circumstances only one (2001-XT itself) was created and any trace of others that may have been created were disposed of. Any remaining files relating to the subject have been gradually removed from Foundation records. This is confirmed post-recontainment of SCP-1897 when certain files are found missing from the Foundations databse.

SCP-2001-XT became a full concearn to the Foundation after its discovery and the events following. Following excevation Torchwood-6 made physical contact with the outer shell and was immediately absorbed into the 'brain' of SC-2001-XT (See Addendum-2001-1). SCP-2001-XT along with Torchwood-6 vanished for 2 days before reappearing in [REDACTED]. Subject proceeded to cause higher than expected casualties for the DLR before interacting with Torchwood-5.

Following the event (and subsiquent victory against the SoH by Haven) SCP-2001-XT vanished leaving Torchwood-6 at its previous position. Until ██/██/15 SCP-2001-XT was considered Nuetralized. On an expedition following an escort assignment in [REDACTED], an assualt made by the Eggman Empire lead to Torchwood-6 suffered a life-threatening injury. 30 seconds after she sustained the injury SCP-2001-XT appeared to 'mutate' from Torchwood-6 (See Addendum-2001-2). Subject proceeded to kill any individual in its vicinity. Subject caused 59 civilian and 4 Foundation deaths before encontering Torchwood-5.

How SCP-2001-XT worked and why it found Torchwood-5 an HVI remains a mystery. However, after Incident-[REDACTED] research into SCP-2001-XT has been terminated due to the devices destruction from [DATA EXPUNGED].

Martian xeno telepath by nikedorchain-d4eq8yw



Glimpses into the interior of SCP-2001-XT have shown it to be a mixture of organic and mechanical comonents meaning the machine may be artificially 'grown' rather than constructed. This has not yet and may never ba able to be clarified.


What can be described as a 'mutating' action can be described visually as a bolt of lightning that impacts the area occupied by Torchwood-6. SCP-2001-XT appears in the spot TW-6 last occupied.

2001-3 Any document detailing SCP-2001-XT has been removed by SCP-1897. Subject has not clarified the reasons for. However the subject repeatedly refers to SCP-2001-XT as 'the device.'


In relation to documents detailing SCP-2001-XT, any media photograph (and later artist reditions) of SCP-2001-XT appear to decay or degrade within a short timespan going from 1 week to a month (longest found to be 3 months before full decay of image).

Research StudyEdit

Ongoing research into the functioning of SCP-2001-XT has been undertaken since the incident at [REDACTED]. So far only its abilities have fallen into an understandable measure whilst it's method of instantanious teleportation cannot be explained by logical means. So far, it's abilities have proven fatal if used correctly. It's abilities include;

Type Description Lethal
Levetation Ability (psychic) cancels out mass on target No


Ability (psychic)

causes severe paranoia within subject Possible
Dark Matter Weapon (physical) fires a beam of dark matter that obliterates anything hit hits Yes
Disrupt Ability (psychic/electrical) similar to an EMP wave only it can cause minor brain damage to human targets Possible
Feed Ability (psychic) feeds on the brainwaves on a target. Subjects are braindead and deceased following action Possible
Scream Ability (psychic) scream which causes temporal paralysis in all sentient subjects in hearing range (50 meters) No
Delta Wave Weapon (physical) fires a wave that vapourizes a target. Similar to dark matter only seen to be more 'safe' yes

All abilities have some degree of fatality measure only safe means or testing this are extremely limited due to the violent nature of SCP-2001-XT.

Furthur research into SCP-2001-XT is no longer possible due to the sudden 'destruction' of the device. However, documentation of the devices abilities allowed for the development of OMEGA .