Item#: 202

Object Class: EUCLID

Special Containment Procedure:Edit

Object is to be contained within a 1X1X1 safe within the Site-30 Equestrian Vault. The safe is to be secured with a 4-digit passcode given to select personell. Passcode is to be changed every 2 weeks. The safe is to be checked regularly every 24 hours. Should the device be found outside of containment a full-site lockdown is to be initiated and the device tracked and reconained.


SCP-202 is a uniquely designed FOB watch. According to the notes of ██████ ██████, the device is a compass designed to track [REDACTED]. However, SCP-202 has an unusual secondary property. Should the device come into contact with [REDACTED], the device will begin to [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-202's EUCLID classification comes from post-exposure to ██████ ██████. This process alters the subject both mentally and physically. Post-transformed subjects usually begin to exploit their new abilitys given from SCP-202. Because of this, SCP-202 should only be handled by select personell.


SCP-202 has only been seen deployed once. However, this occasion has warrented the device be secured and contained.