Item#: 2014

Object Class: KETER

Special Containment ProcedureEdit

SCP-2014 is to be contained in a suspended holding cell 6m x 6m x 6m laced with a 1 inch thin lining of SCP-148 on each edge of the cube.

Cube is to be suspended 10m from the nearest [REDACTED] landmass and guarded by no less than ten(10) Aperture Type 2 Sentry Turrets and no less than five(5) Aperture Type 3 Mobile Sentry Turrets. In the event of a (possible) containment breach, subject is to be teleported to a large area of land approx. 20km square x 20km square (such as the Gobi Desert, China).

Once relocation has been completed, Procedure: Harmony Hammer-17 is to be initiated. Recapture of the subject should be made with full brutality to asure the subject does not recover from Procedure: Harmony Hammer-17. Mobile Task Force Omega-8 must use SCP-148 tipped ballistics to affirm proper suppression of the subject.

[UPDATE]: SCP-2014 is not permitted interaction with SCP-2011. SCP-2014 is to be immediately silenced, as well as SCP-2011 if neccessary.


SCP-2014 is a dark colored Centaur measuring 1.5m in height.

Subject is highly intelligent and extremely hostile to all personnel and has proven to be extremely dangerous, even at times when his strength is extremely lacking.

The danger of SCP-2014 comes from it's ability to syphon [DATA EXPUNGED] from certain subjects, mainly [REDACTED].

Through this, SCP-2014 gains both strength and mass increase, growing more powerful and less weak upon successfully syphoning a subjects [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Addendum 2014-01).

No interaction with SCP-2014 is permitted, and extreme measures have been taken to ensure it's containment is foolproof.




The strength and size of SCP-2014 varies with each syphon depending on how much [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject has within them.

Addendum-02: [URGENT]Edit

Recent footage detailing SCP-2014s actions in [REDACTED] also show interactions with SCP-2011 with traitorous results.

As such, SCP-2011 is NOT to be within 50m of SCP-2014s containment cell. All turrets guarding SCP-2014 are tasked with terminating SCP-2011 should non-compliance occur.


After a recent containment breach on 13-0█-2013, SCP-2014 was recorded substituting [DATA EXPUNGED] with electricity used to power most of Site-30. As a result, reactor 1 overheated and detonated, damaging reactor 2 and knocking out power to most of the facility.

Damage was repaired within the week of SCP-2014s escape and recapture.