Pinkie sees the Mirror Pool S3E03
Item#: 2013-E

Object Class: SAFE

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

Area around SCP-2013-E is to be quarentined and blocked. No-one is allowed within the perimeter around SCP-2013-E at any time outside of testing.

Staff caught cloning themselves with SCP-2013-E are to be detained and reasigned with the clone [DATA EXPUNGED].

In the event of a mass clone outbreak, [REDACTED] is to be contacted. If [REDACTED] is unavailable, all clones are to be terminated, subject zero included.


SCP-2013-E is a ██ meter rough diameter pool consealed within the ████ cave within Everfree Forest. The pools water is highly reflective able to reflect radiowaves into the visible spectrum. Testing of the waters reflectivity has shown the ability to reflect laser rounds fired from a C-39DELTA Rifle and [REDACTED] AR at angles ranging from 1-> 36.7 degrees.

SCP-2013-E's primary effect comes to play when a subject (refered to as subject zero) stands at any edge of SCP-2013-E and chants the following phrase;


Once this chant has been completed, should the subject reach into the waters surface, and exact copy of the subject can be extracted. The clone of the subject appears to be fully functional with no signs of problems. This trait is cancelled out if a subject bears a health related symptom such as Lung Disease, which carries onto the clone.

The main problem behind SCP-2013-E is that all clones share a hightened compulsion to use SCP-2013-E themselves. Clones able to re-use SCP-2013-E reproduce at an alarming rate and within 15 minutes have a potential to cause and XK-CLASS-End-Of-The-World Scenario.

Incident P1NK1E-1NV4510NEdit

The potential of an Category:XK-Class End-Of-The-World scenario due to use of SCP-2013-E was realized during incident P1NK1E-1NV4510N when a flock of [REDACTED]'s clones invaded [REDACTED] repeatedly saying "fun, fun, fun".

It was certainly not "Fun" for everypony involved.

After Incident P1NK1E-1NV4510NEdit

Since Incident P1NK1E-1NV4510N, SCP-2013-E is locked down to prevent subjects outside of testing from using it. Also to prevent an repeat of Incident P1NK1E-1NV4510N.


Discovery LogEdit