Discord sketch by stepandy-d5fbntw
Item#: 2011

Object Class: EUCLID/POTENTIAL KETER [Formerly KETER - Under Revision] [Re-classification to THAUMIEL pending]

Special Containment ProcedureEdit

Subject is to be contained behind a 3 inch steel bulkhead door when not needed on duty. Containment Cell consists of two rooms: main chamber and bedroom. Subject is allowed to roam Site-30 until a 9pm local curfew. Failure to meet curfew will meet with subject injury and forced containment with containment cell lockdown. No personnel are allowed to lift said lockdown without authorisation from Torchwood-1.

Note: Shot then shoved back into containment? Isn’t that a bit harsh?



Commonly referred to as ‘Discord,’ SCP-2011is a multiform Draconequus with the head of a horse, body of a dragon and tail of a snake. His right arm is that of lion with his left that of an eagle. His left leg is that of a goat and right that of a lizard. He has a pegasi left wing and a bat right. All together, he stands over 3 meters tall.

SCP-2011 is extremely intelligent and is has been known to solve high level math and scientific questions put forward and has been noted to solve the █████ paradox theorem (See Addendum 2011-01). SCP-2011 is also strong physically, being able to lift twice its own weight using only one hand. SCP-2011 bears many different abilities with his most common ability being spacial manipulation, he is also able to teleport to any desired location. One of his most feared abilities is to manipulate and control the minds and fates of other creatures. This can be troublesome and dangerous towards Foundation personnel should subject be aggravated to a certain point.

SCP-2011 was found beneath the ████████ ruins of ████████. Subject at the time displayed docile behaviour before being approached by Foundation personnel. When approached, subject immediately grabbed the neck of Torchwood- and proceeded to strangle him. Torchwood-4 managed to sedate SCP-2011 before heavy damage was sustained. Subject was later moved to Site-30 and questioned (See Addendum 2011-02).

As of 20-██-2013, Discord has been accepted as Torchwood-8 as is now a fully qualified member of the Task Force as well as on-site staff.

On whos authority was it to suddenly allow a potentially Keter SCP to become a member of Foundation staff? I mean, the Foundation has many other SCPs that are a part of the SCP Foundation including Site-30s Dr. ███████ but suddenly allowing this creature into the Foundation is highly unacceptable!



Addendum-01: [DATA EXPUNGED]

It’s a paradox being solved by a creature we know nothing about but the risk is to Site-30s AI construct.

Dr. ███████

Addendum-02: [DATA EXPUNGED]

The subject has requested that all information relating to him and his background history be omitted to the rest of the Foundation. Apologies.



Should SCP-2011 initiate an XK-Class End-Of-The-World scenario Procedure: Harmony Hammer-17 is to be initiated.


Footage from Satelite-9 (Equestria) show SCP-2011 conversing with 'Tirek' (Now labeled SCP-2014), furthur servailence shows SCP-2011 assisting SCP-2014 with the capture and [DATA EXPUNGED] of various subjects. Upon return to Site-30 two(2) days after the incident, SCP-2011 was moved to Borderworld Containment for approx. 3.5 weeks. (Subject required early release due to containment breach by SCP-682 two(2) weeks after containment.

Contaigen Alert

Of a recent blood test (█/03/13), SCP-2011's blood consists of a never-before-seen blood-type labelled Blood-type X. Up until ██/08/14 the effects of blood-blood infusion of BT-X were not known until made by Torchwood-5 who unwillingly transformed into a hybrid of Draconequees and human but have a chance to transform into a near-direct copy of SCP-2011. From this event, victims of contact with BT-X are to be quarenteened (and terminated if requested).


Vail of Blood Type-X