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Item#: 2008-E

Object Class: EUCLID

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

Wild specimens of SCP-2008-E do not require containment due to the low amount of reported incidents surrounding specimen. Contained instances however must be placed in a cylindrical chamber 10 meters in diameter by 20 meters high. Ceiling is to be fitted with 8 sets of sprinklers set at a 6 hour cycle. A ventilation system set on a 24 hour vent cycle is also installed.

In the event of exposure, affected personnel must be quarantined and Doctor Malikov notified.

: NOTE : Doctor Malikov is currently the only member of the foundation with a cure for SCP-2008-E exposure


SCP-2008-E is a wildflower native to ████████. The flowers anomalous properties are made apparent when a subject, referred to as SCP-2008-2, is exposed to SCP-2008-E for longer than 30 seconds. After this point the subjects DNA structure begins to slowly alter. The new DNA structure varies every time a subject is exposed though it is advised that a subject is not exposed more than twice. (See Addendum 2008-A). The subjects DNA slowly alters over the course of 8-12 hours covering 3 stages:

Stage 1 – 0-30 seconds Exposure: Through an unknown process, SCP-2008-E seeps through the subjects flesh and inner body components and proceeds to bleach the DNA structure.

Stage 2 – 1-1.5hrs initial conversion: The subject’s brain begins excreting Melatonin causing the subject to become sleepier, forcing them to rest. At this point Stage 4 begins. Should the subject remain awake, SCP-2008-Es conversion process slows and begins Stage 3.

Stage 3 – 2-3hrs increase Melatonin: Should the subject remain awake after stage 2, the brain’s Melatonin excretion increases to a near-lethal level. Subject may become comatose should they remain awake until the 3rd hour.

Stage 4 – 2-5hrs DNA assimilation: At this time in subject’s sleep, SCP-2008-E will have completely assimilated the subject’s DNA structure and begins the conversion process.

Stage 5 – 6-8-12hrs complete conversion: After the conversion has reached completion the subject is awakened.

Subject’s appearances after conversion varies but in all tests have confirmed that many subjects have been hindered by these changes.

Update: Testing with SCP-2008-E have shown negative results when testing with human D-Class subjects but has shown possitive chance of infection on Mobian subjects.

Under a controlled test SCP-2008-E's effect has been shown to reverse after approx. 7-8 days after initial exposure without the use of an antidote.



It’s bad people, just keep that in mind. – Dr. Malikov