Test Log Format:

Tests involving SCP-2001 are listed as such:





Testing took place within 23/4 -> 20/5 with a few days ‘break’ before next test.Edit

Subject: SCP-2001

SCP#: 2002/Dr. Malikov

Result: subjects engaged in casual conversation with no problems. Test concluded.

Notes: bored her slightly during our discussion about the Square-Cube Law but nothing abnormal came over us. A positive sign for our next set of tests. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 1013/Maxwell Finch/Torchwood-3

Result: subjects engaged in casual conversation with no problems. Test concluded.

Notes: once again, no problems. Testing may continue. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 079

Result: SCP-079 refused to respond to all questions given. When later questioned, 079 stated that it ‘could not find a suitable answer.’ Test aborted.

Notes: please bear in mind that 079 has much more processing and reserve memory than in the past and can remember events for much longer before forgetting them. But neither the less this is slightly odd that 079 doesn’t respond AT ALL to the questions given. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 096

Result: Subject viewed SCP-096s face directly causing 096 to become severely distressed. Subject retreated to the door of the containment cell as 096 assaulted her. 096 paused before subject before covering its face and sitting back down. Test concluded, subject extracted.

Notes: we now have a genuine report of a subject view SCP-096s face without termination. May not tell us anything useful because of her abilities but at least it’s a start. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 860

Result: aborted by request of Torchwoods-3, -4, -5

Notes: we need more intel on 860-2 before proceeding. – Torchwood-4

What was the reason all 3 of you denied the test?


SCP#: 682

Result: 682 showed no hesitation in assaulting subject and guardian. Test aborted.

Notes: so some SCPs do care about Tahlia but others don’t. Let’s be careful next time when we test her with a [REDACTED] KETER! – Torchwood-5

SCP#: 173

Result: lights were cut for 0.5 seconds inside SCP-173s cell. 173 moved to face subject. Lights were cut again but 173 stayed at a 1 meter distance. 173 remained at this distance for remainder of test. Test concluded, subject extracted.

Notes: even 173 stayed away. It could be possible that an outside force could be affecting her. Not coming to an immediate conclusion but it’s a good theory to keep in mind. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 1897

Result: SCP-1897 remained silent for over 20 minutes during test. [REDACTED] [See Incident Report 2001-1897]


               Please elaborate.

– O5-

Testing terminated for remainder of month due to subjects condition.

Testing initiated as of 10/6 until 2/8. Due to rising foreign issues testing took longer than needed.

SCP#: 2011

Result: the same results with SCPs 2002 & 1013. Test concluded

Notes: at current I don’t see how these types of tests are relevant. – Dr. Malikov

SCP#: 239

Result: Test denied by O5.

Notes: due to our current condition with foreign affairs we cannot risk releasing 239 from her sleep. We hope you understand why we have done this. – O5-7

SCP#: 860 (second attempt)

Result: subject, along with Torchwoods-4, -5, entered SCP-860-1. After 18 minutes of exploration subject was abandoned and left to wander SCP-860-1 herself. Subject managed to locate exit and was ordered to wait for -4 & -5. [DATA EXPUNGED] [See Incident Report 2001-860].

Notes: what the hell, the [REDACTED] went straight for us ‘soon as we left Tahlia alone! – Torchwood-4.

SCP# Device: NEROTech Re-Sizer ver. 1.1.0

Result:  subject was reduced to 30% normal height (approx. 5.33re) and sustained for over 48 hours with no adverse effects. Subject reverted to normal size after said period.

Notes: I am excited to know that another one of my devices works perfectly! – Dr. Malikov

Doctor we’re also excited to know your devices function without incident, but please refrain from displaying the tests with those for SCP-2001.

– O5-6