Item#: 2001


Special Containment ProceduresEdit

Subject is currently under guardian supervision of Torchwood-5 and must be under guard at all times. Should subject enter a Beta phase transformation, Protocol Zeta-3 must be initiated (see Addendum 2001-C).


SCP-2001 (Tahlia ███████) is a sixteen (16) year old girl approximately 1.6 meters in height and ██ kilograms in weight. She responds mainly to her own name and barely acknowledges her SCP designation but is sometimes tricked into responding. SCP-2001s anomalous properties come from the factor leading to her immunity to certain SCPs, what causes this is unknown. At current (██/██/13) SCP-2001 has tested negative to the effects and properties of over ███ SCPs but limited to the effects of certain others (View test log-2001). SCP-2001 also has the ability to manipulate objects with her mind. Through further testing Doctor Malikov has confirmed that this power is not telekinesis but rather a much more deadly ‘strain’ of the ability using the subject’s emotional thoughts for energy.

At random intervals, SCP-2001 will undergo a severe and externally dangerous transformation becoming SCP-2001-B (being SCP-2001-A in her normal state). The details are outlined below.


Addendum 2001-A: It is not known how SCP-2001 enters her Beta stage transformation, only the symptoms are currently known. During this transformation, SCP-2001 will experience a sudden but slight headache, after which she will begin to feel faint and eventually collapse entering a comatose like state. After this has occurred either one of two events will occur;

Event one: SCP-2001 will stand up again and resume normal functions only this time showing a 300% increase in brain activity. SCP-2001 at this point is extremely hostile to any individual and should be treated as a Keter SCP.

SCP-2001s hostile interest has been observed to differ from various individuals and records and security tapes have shown SCP-2001 to display the highest hostility to Torchwood-5 (her current guardian).

Addendum 2001-B: Protocol Zeta-3 : in the event of SCP-2001 enters a Beta stage transformation within Site-30, any on-site personnel must contain her in a temporary re-containment cell within the south-east wing emergency chamber. The process is simple;

One: Deactivate the ELO-IID magnets and activate the sites internal PA system to play the file ‘imsorry.wav’

Two: await SCP-2001s arrival.

Three: once inside, activate psychic dampeners and await her screaming to cease.

Four: stand-by for a heads up from Torchwood-1. After this point, SCP-2001 is free to be release.

Only I am authorised to allow her release. If Isaiah starts yelling in your ears to let her out when she starts screaming her life out, knock him out and await my instructions!

 – Cmdr. Grey

Incident Report Edit

Incident Report 2001-1897: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Incident Report 2001-860 : when subject had located the exit of SCP-860-1, Torchwoods-4 & -5 were immediately ambushed by 860-2. Torchwood-5 suffered severe lacerations to the chest but remains alive. Torchwood-4 was slightly concussed and had to be escorted from 860-1. Both units received medical care and are now refit for active duty. SCP-2001 was never touched by SCP-860-2.

Much like every other SCP (aside from 682 for obvious reasons) 860-2 avoided SCP-2001 until she left the boys’ company. I regret to inform but I am inconclusive as to how she is powerful enough to do this

 – Dr. Malikov

If you want I could take her out of your hands Doctor.

– Dr. Clef


 – Dr. Malikov