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Sketch of SCP-1897

Item#: 1897

Object Class: KETER

: NOTE : As of ██/██/2006, SCP-1897s existence is to remain classified from O5 and any other member of the Foundation. This document must remain on-site until further notice.

Special Containment ProcedureEdit

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1897 is to remain in a locked cell at all times and is allowed no access to any technological devices. Subject is to be given approx. 2 litres of [REDACTED] for sustenance. Subject is allowed no access to any item that may be considered a weapon. Items include;

-conventional construction tools

-insect repellent

-air sanitisers

-any liquids


It’s pretty obvious that we’re not allowed to give this thing anything ‘cept its food, why tell us this if we’re the only ones who know it exists!? - Torchwood-4


SCP-1897 is a member of Ares Cephalopod, or Common Martian and is the last surviving member of the 1897 invasion. SCP-1897s current existence is due to an unknown immunity to our planets bacterial strains and at current is the only confirmed member to have its current traits. Subject is extremely hostile towards human life and should be tested with heavily armoured guard.

SCP-1897 is extremely intelligent and can assess every aspect of its surroundings in seconds (see Addendum 1987-B). Because of this, SCP-1897 has proven to be extremely lethal during breaches. SCP-1897 can turn most ordinary objects into close-to lethal weapons though it’s preferred makeshift weapons are chemical devices mainly insect replants. SCP-1897 can have devastating effects on security and other electronic devices should it have access to any computer connected to a system. It should be noted that its effects have not been tested on a computer with internet access and should not be considered for future tests.

SCP-1897 was discovered on-site on ██/05/2006 after what had been confirmed to be unexplained movement throughout Site-30 for approx. 239 days (453 days  after Foundation control) meaning that expansion of the Site had somehow awoken SCP-1897 and prompted it to investigate. Upon visual contact with Torchwood-, SCP-1897 immediately ensnared and proceeded to maim Torchwood-. SCP-1897 was shot with tranquilizers and immediately dropped to the floor. Until current containment procedures where put in place, SCP-1897 was kept in a temporary holding cell and kept under close surveillance.

Throughout it's time in containment, SCP-1897 has been self taught to stand using it's rear four tenticles, sometimes using six if needing to balance itself but has been observed using all eight when 'running'. Observations during breaches to its containment have shown it to reach speeds of ██ km/h using its tenticles. When initiating a 'walking' action, SCP-1897 will use its four forward tenticles to interact with it's environment. SCP-1897 has used this new movement pattern to excel at breaching containment at rapid paces and avoiding recapture.

SCP-1897's present danger comes from the results of it's containment breaches. At the conclusion of its breach (paralyzed with Class-M sedatives and return to containment) SCP-1897 has been found to have access multiple computer terminals around Site-30. Search history has returned negative due to the history being wiped by SCP-1897 before exiting its location. Hints of it's searches are made aparent during further breaches and has been hypothesized to be researching techinques in hunting and ambush tactics (See Addendum-C).


ADDENDUM-A: On ██/██/2006 during an organised test involving SCP-682, SCP-1897 managed to subdue 2 guards during subjects routine feed. Subject escaped through the sites ventilation and escaped into SCP-682s observation room inside its containment cell. SCP-1897 hacked into the computers inside the room and proceeded to hack into the sites mainframe. Through this, SCP-1897 weakened the Sites containment and forced a full site lockdown at 12:23:41. Mobile Task Force Omega-8 (”Remnants of the Box”) along with Torchwood traced down SCP-1897 but failed. Subject was further traced to [REDACTED] where it had activated all On-site defences and partially incinerating part of the outer modules. Subject was finally apprehended at 02:38:19 and moved to containment cell. Due to this event the Foundation has been kept in the dark about SCP-1897s existence.



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