The NT-999 (Label: Rift Generator) is a modular device designed to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Essentially the device tears through reality and links two independant realities together. The device uses more power than Site-30 can provide and therefore can rarely be used, as well as the danger posed by tearing through reality.


Earth PrimeEdit

The Earth the Rift Generator is located. the primary apex for linking realities.

Earth GammaEdit

The Earth where Isaiah and Tahlia are from.

Earth Psi - EquestriaEdit

The Earth where Equestria is located.

Delta-Earth Upsilon - Dark/Anti-EarthEdit


Furthur InformationEdit

Design Phase - 1XXX - 2007

Power Input - 50,000,000 TW

Unit size:

Main Platform - 4.5m diameter
Full Unit - 5.5m x 5.5m

Control - Console