The NT-05 is a shrink and growth-ray within one small frame. It should be noted that this weapon is not used commercialy due to:

1. The issues involved with production

2. Ethical issues

3. Only ONE currently functions



Test LogEdit

Test Log format:


All tests are labelled in numerical order. Dates of each experiment are classified by Dr. Malikov

Subject: 1x 'Red Delicious' Apple, placed atop a 1m x 1m x 1m transparent plastic cube

Status: N/A

Statistics: Apple measured 2.5 inches across prior to test

Setting:''' x3 increase

Results: Apple expanded to 7.5 inches across at the conclusion of the test

Note: Apple beared the same texture and taste as it did prior to test

Subject: 1x 'Red Delicious' Apple, placed atop a 1m x 1m x 1m transparent plastic cube

Status: N/A

Statistics: Apple measured 7.5 inches across prior to test

Setting:''' x3 decrease

Results: Apple retracted to 2.5 inches across at the conclusion of the test. Apple exploded 3 minutes after returning to normal size

Note: problem noted to be caused by slower decrease in water molicules at the same time as the apples physical size. Device enters upgrade period

Subject: 1x Brachylophus fasciatus (Fiji Banded Iguana, species native to [REDACTED] and neighbouring islands), placed within a 1.5m x 1.5m . 1.5m plexiglass cube, a 15cm opening allows the beam to enter

Status: alive for test

Statistics: male, 57cm in length

Setting: 3x decrease

Results: subject shrank down to 19cm in length. Subject showned mild discomfort post-resizing

Note(s): subject remains stable to today and currently resides within Torchwood-3's room inside a customised terrarium



Statistics: [DATA EXPUNGED]



Note(s): "Never trying that under these conditions again" - Dr. Malikov

Subject: SCP-549(Denied), SCP-1779 instance; 8 day feeding period, subject measures 9.7m in length. Tesing under armed supervision

Status: alive for test 

Statistics: female, 9.7m in length

Setting: 2x increase

Results: subject grew to 19.4m in length and became imobile within the testing chamber. subjects lower abdomin expanded 2 meters outward and subject displayed extreme discomfort and stress. Subject was reverted to previous size before furthur complications

Note(s): instance of SCP-1779 was found to be bearing and egg and confirmed to be 5 months pregnant. Egg was reported to hav expanded to match a diameter close to that of the mothers length. Further testing in to pregnant subjects halted until error is fixed

Testing on human sized targets begin here

NT-05 is now cleared to 'safely' grow targets larger than limits covered by SCP-1056

Subject: Maxwell A. Finch (Torchwood-3)

Status: alive for test

Statistics: male, 1.3m in height

Setting: setting calculated to 1.52x increase for test to be 'successful'

Results: Max grew to 2m in height and matched that of Edward (Torchwood-4). Subject took the time to 'enjoy' the experience, Edward did the same. Maxwell remained his height for 7 days before being returned to his regular height

Note(s): device will be updated to allow for custom calculations as well as pre-set sizes. Max noted that he experienced no abnormal side effects from being his height but noted a slight headache after the on the second day

Subject: Edward J. Alistair (Torchwood-4)

Status: alive for test

Statistics: male, 2m in height

Setting: 1.52x decrease, Torchwood-3 requested a higher number (2.3x) for 'better' result. Edward was still informed the previous setting will be used

Results: Edward sharnk to approx. 0.89m in height. Subject showed major annoyance at the size he was reduced to. Max showed enjoyment from Edwards shortened height and quoted, 'Who's the big brother now.' Edward was reverted after 8 days

Note(s): N/A

Subject: Tahlia Veneros (Torchwood-6/SCP-2001)

Status: alive for test

Statistics: female, 1.4m in height

Setting: 7x decrease

Results: Tahlia was reduced to 20cm in height. Torchwood(s)-3,-4 and -5 expressed joy in her size (highest 'joy factor' came from Max followed by Isaiah). Subject had to be resized back to normal 5 days prior to assigned date due to containment breach

Note(s): N/A

Subject: [REDACTED] (Sector G staff), Vortigaunt

Status: alive for test

Statistics: male, 1.9m

Setting: 2x decrease

Results: subject remained at his size for 10 days. Subject grew back to normal size on the 9th day through unknown means. After a thorough autopsy the subject was discovered to have 'absorbed' the ability to resize himself but only to normal size or smaller

  • This was the last test conducted with the Mark I model device.
Note(s): aftereffect is determined to have been cause by an unknown factor in the subjects DNA. other members of his species have tested to not bear the trait that allowed the subject to gain his ability.

Testing postponed until furthur notice

Testing performed with the NT-05 Mark II model