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NT-ASHPD - Portal GunEdit

It's quite obvious what this weapon is.

NT-343 - DNA RecoderEdit

Device designed to use [REDACTED] to recode a subjects DNA sequence transforming them into whatever the sequence dictates. Only one exists and uses GLaDOS to scan the subjects DNA sequence as well as storing their subconscious during the transformation process.

NT-999 - Rift GeneratorEdit

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NT-02 - FireflyEdit

The NT-02 Firefly is a small flamethrower designed to be more versitile and user benificial than other famethrowers.

NT-04 - FrostbiteEdit

The NT-04 Frostbite is a freeze-ray which uses an FN-2000 frame. The weapon uses frost crystal natively grown in [DATA EXPUNGED]. This weapon is powerful ad should be used with extreme caution.


The NT-08 is an unorthodox flamethrower that uses liquified SCP-2008-E as it's primary fuel source. At current, the weapon is in production but due to ethical issues, has not been made commercial.

NT-10 - KobraconEdit

One of the deadliest weapons in the NEROTech arsenal. The NT-10 Kobracon is a weapon designed to kill at range. The scope is designed to increase range and focus at the same time.


The most unique NEROTech weapon which uses refines soundwaves as it's primary projectile. It's pretty obvious where the original idea derived from.


An assault rifle which uses recoil absorption technology to provide better stability and accuracy for the user. The weapon can utilise standard ammuniton or can be upgraded to use laser ammunition.