My Pony-dragon form

My codename "Cynder-Pony".

Real name is James [RETRACTED]


Generally an easy going Torchwood Operative but I can assume one of two forms detailed below..

My Torchwood code name is "Pony Dragon"

My Forms:Edit

Form 1: HumanEdit

I am an 6'0" human male with brown hair and brown eyes.

Form 2: Pony DragonEdit

My pony dragon form is pictured in the corner of this document. I assume this form when upset of [RETRACTED] off.

My Pony dragon form was mistakenly made an SCP by the SCP Foundation (Equestria) and I was made an SCP and contained as such.

I returned to my human form and explained everything to Dr. [RETRACTED] who was in charge of my containment procedures and removed from their database and released.


The SCP food i was fed sucked big time.

It wasn't cooked properly.

Terminated Class-D maybe ??  - "Pony Dragon"