PDVD 032
Haven-19, simply labelled 'Haven' is the primary base and home city for the Draconian Liberation Resistance and is found in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Not much is known about Haven Site as it was only descovered by Torchwood in 2013. However, from data given by the DLR, the site is much larger in used area than Site-30 and hosts more than 500 occupants.

Much data is lacking on the subject of Haven Site, this is due to the limited data released from the DLR. The present data that Torchwood has is the only data that was released.

Haven has gathered many nicknames/designations during it's time of knowledge, of names such as Haven Site or Haven City, the Site has gathered names such as; The City of Gold, (Dr. Malikov, 'Gold' refering to knowledge) The City of the Emerald Sky, The Forbidden Dome, City of the Reptilian Menace (G.U.N), The Radar Slip (Wesley Gray/Torchwood-1), Portal of the Unkown (Isaiah Foale/Torchwood-5)

Current DataEdit

General Stats:Edit

Site Occupants: over 500 (100 staff, 400 soldiers unknown number of other)

Military strength: EXTREME (more powerful than G.U.N)

Military type: Assimilated technology (Martian, Russian, U.S, Chinese, other)

Known staff members:Edit

Commader/General: Edward Alistair (Torchwood-4)

Medical Staff(known): Dr. Irving Medicus

Science Adviser(s): Robert & Rosalind Lutece

Maintenence Staff: Currently unkown (Staff in-charge of the Sites power are labelled The Power Elite)

Security Staff: Currently unknown (Security team are labelled as The Black Guard)

Military/Special Unit(s)Edit

See Here

Area(s) of Haven SiteEdit

Vehicle bay(s): Housing for various machines

Residential buildings: Seperate section of the Site designated safe for living

Scientific building: Area of Haven Site seperated for use of scientific purposes

Garden(s): One boasts normal native flora whilst another consists of non-native plantlive

Hospital(s) 2x: Speaks for itself

Testing Range: underground bunker used for practice and weapons testing

Power Plant(Pool of Fire): Speaks for itself also (power is generated by an unknown form of fusion. Only the Luteces know its function)

Library: full building consisting of a multi-story library

Postal Service(s) 2x: the cities post. Post is delivered via multiple AH-6s (10)

Command Centre: Multi-story housing the cities entire security and military monitoring