Site-30's Equestrian Vault is (labelled Sector H) is a seperate part of the facility dedicated to Equestria-related SCPs and EMC.

Equestrian SCP's in the VaultEdit

SCP-2008-E (4 active specimins, 12 frozen)

SCP-010-E (Overseer)

Spells Contained within the VaultEdit

Spell Description Rec Location Containment
EMC-2034 Cutie-Mark Remover Discovered by [REDACTED], spell found in Canterlot Library and extracted

Spell: Keycode strongbox

Staff: 1mx1mx2.5m glass chamber

EMC-1243 Leecher Spell found in [DATA EXPUNGED], 3 civilian casualties Keycode strongbox
EMC-067 Fauna Emperor Discovered in Everfree Forest. Spell found in Canterlot Library Keycode strongbox
EMC-2011 Puppet Master No spell found N/A
EMC-8008 Magic Mirror Spell found in Golden Oaks Library (ruins) Keycode strongbox