Standard model ELR

Equestria Land Rangers are large tripedal machines developed for the usage by [REDACTED] for leisure and relaxing travel. There are two variants of the ELR being the 'Civilian' (pictured) and the 'Warrior' (below). Each model extend up to 20 meters in height (61.2ft) though the 'Warrior' can extend to 28 meters.


Development of the first tripod began in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The first successful model being completed and tested on [REDACTED] and schematics sent to BNW (Brave New World) Industries in Equestria for production with materials provided [DATA EXPUNGED].

The first fully produced BNW ERL was completed on [REDACTED] and was made public a week later (shown below).


The civilian variant of the ELR comes equiped with its primary equipment such as life support, food and drink supplies and accomidation but its primary focus is for leisure and travel but ca be used for exploration of unfamiliar or hostile environments, hence its previous working title 'Hazardous Environment Research Platform.'  Each ELR is fitted with an auto-pilot programmed to asess all routes and calculate whether or not each taken will interfere or cause problems with external objects (buildings, landmarks, forests ect.). Though this feature is widely used manua control of an ELR is just as easy, though at the same time also as hard. The difficulty being lack of judgement between location of the next step the tripod may take.


The 'red' variant of the ELR is equiped with the previousy mentioned features but is given [REDACTED] plasma cannons for defence/offence. This particular variant of the tripod is unavailable to civilians but is widely used by the LTF Foundation in aid of containment of various SCPs.