Creation and populanceEdit


Early MythologyEdit


Late Steampunk EraEdit

1897 - The Crystal Egg lands on Earth and finds its way to a local trader. The device is activated a year later and confirms an extra-terrestrial presance is spying on the planet

1898 - Martian invasion confirmed. 10 Pods launch from Mars; 8 land within England whilst the other 2 land over the English Channel near France. The initial assualt lasts for 4 days whilst the complete occupation lasts for 2 months. The invasion ends with the complete erradication of the invasion force thanks to native bacteria.

Mid-20th CenturyEdit

1908 - A meteor explodes over Tunguska, Russia.

1921 - Russia closes it's borders via the Iron Curtain.

1949 - Chimeran forces breach the Iron Curtain and invade Europe. By early 1950 Europe is overun leaving few known survivors.

1951 - The Chimera enter England. The country is quickly overun, American counter-efforts fail.

1953 - The Chimera launch a full-scale invasion on the United States. 2 months after the invasion the US deploys Operation Black Eden, the resulting explosion relays throughout the entire Chimeran network destroying it. The Chimera fall into dissaray with most military Chimera forming pocket militia movements. Humanity regroups and begins cleanup and rebuilding.

1979 - 85% of cleanup is complete and the Earth is repopulated to pre-invasion levels. Many cultures begin re-education and reorganised militaries organise newer contingency plans.

1998 - Full Martian invasion confirmed again. Numerous amounts of Pods are detected being launched from Mars and land in the vicinity of many major cities. The invasion lasts for 8 months before the invasion abruptly ends with the dissapearance of the entire Martian force.

Turn of the CenturyEdit

2013 - The SCP Foundation gives the green-light on Project: Equestria. The operation fails due to intervention from the Dark Legion.

The G.U.N launch a full scale on the Dark Legion HQ. The Legion disbands after Doctor Finitevus is terminated.

The New EraEdit

2014 - Doctor Eggman deploys the Egg-Titan. Nightmare re-appears the day after the first deployment.