:NOTE: This document is separated into two sections.

Dr. Malikov's ExperimentsEdit

SCP ExperimentsEdit

SCP: 173

Result: a standard co-operation test. 3 subjects were permitted to enter testing chamber and ordered to watch SCP-173. Lights were cut 5 minutes in for 0.5 seconds causing each subject to scatter resulting in instant termination of two before the final watched 173 for approximately 4 more minutes before termination via blinking action

Notes: turns out these things are extremely stupid when it comes to sudden environmental changes

SCP: 1897

Result: subject entered SCP-1897s chamber and immediately ceased lifesigns. Autopsy reveals subjects brain ceased all functioning around the time it collapsed. Later interview with SCP-1897 states he did not cause subject termination

Notes: testing with SCP-1897 suspended until further notice. Can never trust that creature not since [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP: 2008-E


Notes: Nope, not saying a word

SCP: 682

Result: subject entered testing area and waited by entrance. Two X-Class were introduced. SCP-682 showed no interest in subjects. After an hour both subjects were retrieved from testing area and 682 placed back into containment

Notes: I don't get it, they're human in shape why didn't 682 care about them, unless it knowns they aren't human

SCP: 825

Result: subject was instructed to wear SCP-825 but lashed out at handler (Torchwood-10 at the time) and was further terminated by Type 3 mobile turret

Notes: At best the main thing I could think of happening was a long annoying scream. Still.

SCP: 919

'Result:' subject stood in front of SCP-919 for 20 seconds before properties manifested and began speaking in an unknown language to the subject. Subject immediately went insane and self terminated through skull fractures by banging its head against a wall. SCP-919 manifestation vanished without abnormal properties

Notes: Maybe it saw how ugly it was and wanted to do the world a favour - Torchwood-10

SCP: 860 (860-1)

Result: three subjects entered SCP-860-1 and followed a gravel path for 17 minutes. At 18 SCP-860-2 suddenly appeared and terminated each subject quickly and vicously. Subjects seamed not to display any external knownledge of 860-2s presence prior to termination

Notes: How the fuck did they not hear it coming!?



Notes: CREEPY AS FUCK AS IT IS! - Torchwood-5

Discord's 'Experiments'Edit

SCP: 2011

Result: Subject's underwent a similar transformation to that of Torchwood-5 but promply halted mid-transformation. Subject later terminated by Torchwood-5 himself.

Notes: Discord, DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN! God knows what damage that Class X could of caused. - Torchwood-5

SCP Experiments (Authorised by Dr. Malikov, supervised by Torchwood-5)Edit

SCP: 914

Result: subject placed into intake booth of SCP-914 through the 'very fine' setting. Subject emerged from output booth with the same apprearance as SCP-005-1

Notes: Wildly unpredicted results


SCP: 559

Result: N/A -Test Terminated-

Notes: N/A

SCP: 686

Result: subject (male) ingested a 400mL sample of SCP-686 without incident. Subjects chest began rapidly expanding beneath jumpsuit with liquid patches becoming visible shortly afterwards. Subject was later terminated with body incinerated. No further SCP-686 infection detected.

Notes: I so didn't want to be turned on from that - Torchwood-5

SCP: 914 (second attempt)

Result: subject placed into intake booth of SCP-914 through the 1:1 setting. Subject emerged with a near exact appearance to that of Homo Sapien save for a pair of wings and horn.

Notes: What the fuck?

The 'I'm Fabulous' joke has no meaning here. - Torchwood-5

SCP: 1987

Result: subject moved into containment chamber and SCP-1987-1 stopped. SCP-1987 animated and terminated the subject. SCP-1987-1 was played before SCP-1987 could breach containment.

Notes: Kinda expected that to happen.