ADDENDUM-B: An interview between SCP-1897 and Torchwood-2 on ██/01/2007.

<Interview begins>

Torchwood-2: What exactly prompted you to begin the events last ye-

SCP-1897: The disease of humanity and your poor useless kind that plagues your world, the disease that makes use of the technologies from the races it conquers, the disease that takes the flesh of the open wound and closed it with fire. Your kind are a plague of this world and we were its antibodies.

Torchwood-2: Care to answer the question instead of drone on about bull!?

SCP-1897: I was merely displaying what fear your kind still shows to our presence. Though the rest of our kind failed due to our ill-knowledge of this planets bacterium I was spared to still remind what your species is tolerable for.

Torchwood-2: pride

SCP-1897: FEAR illworth. Fear is what your kind displays when the seeds of your gods influence what you deserve to live by. Fear is what

<Skip ahead 00:03:21>

Torchwood-2: How well do you remember this place before we claimed it?

SCP-1897: You think of me as a mindless animal that runs before the traps before subduing to them. You useless creatures limit your knowledge to the most basic of needs. I knew this facility before you poisoned it with your primitive materials but I quickly gained the new knowledge of what you had done.

Torchwood-2: So the moment you escaped you know what you were doing!?

SCP-1897: [pause] Does it, concern you?

<Interview ends>

Torchwood-2 raises SCP-1897s class to KETER